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The Bell Tower "Saint Dumitru"


• Technical expertise report regarding the completion of the rehabilitation consolidation works of the Saint Dumitru Bell Tower from Suceava;
• Technical assistance during the execution of consolidation works.


Located at a distance of 30 meters southeast of the Church "Saint Dumitru" in Suceava, the Bell Tower "Saint Dumitru" is a historical monument classified with the code LMI SV-II-m-A-05479.03. Prince Alexandru Lăpușneanu, Petru Rareș's son-in-law, built between 1560-1561 a bell tower with three floors and walls two meters thick, partially over the ruins of a previous construction. In 1809, the tower was damaged by a fire, being renovated only in 1845 when a new floor was added in the shape of a tower with an octagonal base, over which rises, on eight timber columns, the top of the roof. Currently, the bell tower is 40 meters high, being the tallest church tower in Suceava.

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