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Enterprise-ad, Carmen Tanase

Str. Doamnei no. 12 Building


• Technical expertise report on the rehabilitation, refunctionalization, extension and consolidation of the building
• DTAC phase consolidation project.


The building with height regime Ug + Gf + 5F is registered on the list of historical monuments 2010 of the Ministry of Culture and Cults, at position 855, having the code B-II-m-B-18590 and the address str. Doamnei no. 12, sector 3, Bucharest.

The building, originally built in 1886 based on the project signed by the architect Adolf Lang, housed the National Insurance Company and had a general basement, ground floor, two levels and attic. Later, in 1931, the building was superimposed from the level of the second floor (replacing the attic) with three more levels (the last two retreats), the construction getting the look kept until the date of expertise, 2012.

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