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The Fagaras Fortress


• Technical expertise regarding the condition of the Făgăraş Fortress, the Guard Corps and the Entrance Tower;
• Consolidation project of the North Guard Corps, the Entrance Tower and the South Guard Corps, DTAC, PT & DE phases;
• Technical expertise regarding the rehabilitation of the Diet Room of Fagaras Castle;
• Project to consolidate the floor of the Diet Hall of Fagaras Castle, DTAC, PT & DE phases.


The Fagaras Fortress, a historical monument with the code: BV-II-a-A-11687, having in the Middle Ages a dominant strategic position in southern Transylvania, is one of the largest and best preserved medieval fortifications in the entire country.

Initially built of timber and earth around 1310, it was rebuilt modernized and finally restyled by Italian architects of the Renaissance until around 1690 when the Vauban bastions were added, and the entrance tower was integrated into the outer enclosure.
The Fagaras Fortress (which includes Fagaras Castle) was never conquered.

The Fagaras fortress has had over time the following functions: military defense fortress, princely residence, military depot, prison and museum.

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