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National Museum of Geology


• Report of technical expertise regarding the state of the structure of the real estate ensemble National Museum of Geology;
• Project for consolidation and rehabilitation of the structure of the National Museum of Geology, DTAC and PT & DE phases.


The building that houses the National Museum of Geology, is on the list of historical monuments at position 1271, with the code LMI 2004 B-II-m-B-18984 and the address Sos. Kiseleff Pavel Dimitrievici no. 2 sector 1 Bucharest. The building built between 1906 and 1908, in neo-Brancoveanu style, according to the project of the famous architect Victor Ștefănescu, has a Brancoveanu porch, the facade of the building abounding in architectural elements specific to the Western Renaissance and in reasons of baroque influence.

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