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The church dedicated to “Entry Into The Church Of The Mother Of God”


• Report of the technical expertise regarding the state of the Church dedicated to the “Entry into the Church of the Mother of God” from Râncăciov village, Călinești commune, Argeș county in order to rehabilitate.


The church dedicated to “ENTRY INTO THE CHURCH OF THE MOTHER OF GOD” from Râncăciov village, Călinești commune, Argeș county is a historical monument with the LMI code 2010 AG-II-m-A-13772. Dated from 1481, the church is in shape today following the works of 1847.
Built on a triconch plan, the Church has a Pantocrator tower made of masonry over the nave, with the side apses and the circular altar both outside and inside. On the west side (attached to the entrance tympanum) is the bell tower, the access being made by a colimason staircase made in the thickness of the south-east shoulder of the porch.

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